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 How To Sell Website Design In Your Wix Store?

How To Sell Website Design In Your Wix Store?

With Wix, you can start your eCommerce website for free without a trial period. You can upgrade to one of our Business & eCommerce Premium plans once you’re ready to accept payments for your site online.

How Much Does Wix Take On Sales?

The processing fees for Wix are pretty standard – both PayPal and Stripe charge the same two per transaction. 9% + $0. Their basic rate is $30. There are some payment processors that charge different rates based on the size of your business or the credit cards you are processing, but Wix Payments always charges 2 percent. 9% + $0. Everyone can benefit from this offer of 30 dollars.

Can You Sell Off Of Wix?

If you don’t have a premium plan, you cannot sell on your Wix website. The free plan lets you build your store and get it ready to go, before upgrading to an ecommerce plan once it is ready. Your website will be able to accept payments through the built-in ecommerce features when you upgrade.

Can You Sell Wix Templates?

The Wix platform hosts all of its sites. Therefore, templates cannot be downloaded or exported. Even though you can take any template and make it your own, you cannot purchase a template and make it available to others for use.

How Much Does Wix Charge For Online Store?

Business Basic

Business VIP

Monthly Plan Prices


$56 /month

Yearly Plan Prices

$23/month Recommended for small online stores


Two-Year Plan Prices

$20 /month

$42 /month

Three-Year Plan Prices



Can I Use Wix For An Online Store?

With Wix eCommerce, you can create an affordable online store. The rest of the website builder is not as complicated as Wix eCommerce. It is very easy for beginners to set up their own online store. They can sell both physical and digital goods.

Is Wix Good For Ecommerce Website?

There is no better ecommerce platform today than Wix. You can start your ecommerce business with Wix if you don’t have much experience with technology or web design, and you can make money and build your brand image with it.

Does Wix Ecommerce Cost Money?

Business Basic plans start at $23 per month for Wix eCommerce. In addition to the same features as an online store, their VIP plan includes extras such as subscriptions, currency conversions, and automated sales taxes.

Does Wix Work With Shopify?

Shopify is another popular online website builder and host. You can add a Shopify buy button to your Wix website so that customers can purchase products from your Wix site using Shopify. If you add a new ‘Buy’ button to your Wix site, you will need to edit the embed code.

Does Wix Take A Portion Of Sales?

USA: 2. A 9% transaction fee plus a 0% service fee is applied. 30 USD.

How Long Does Wix Payout Take?

If you have successfully verified your Wix Payments account, you can schedule your first payout. You can receive your first payment within seven days of receiving it. You will receive your payout within 3-5 business days of receiving it. Get more information by clicking here.

Does Wix Let You Sell Products?

You can sell digital or physical products, source products from marketplaces like AliExpress, create custom merchandise, and more with Wix.

How Many Products Can I Sell On Wix?

There are six product options for each product. Each product option can have up to 100 options. Uploading products manually or importing CSV files is the most convenient way to upload up to 50,000 products from the Wix Stores Dashboard.

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