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 Is 5G Harmful to Humans and the Environment?

Is 5G Harmful to Humans and the Environment?

The term 5G or the fifth-generation wireless technology is one of the most interesting topics of discussion among people. After the 4G, people are now more inquisitive about the benefits obtained from 5G. Of course, the fifth-generation wireless technology comes with a bundle of advantages. It is a fully developed technology that can complete any complicated task almost instantly. The small cells used in the 5G allow it to provide full coverage without any interruptions. The various technologies used in creating 5G also helps in increasing the efficiency of the data network. The highly advanced features of 5G has attracted a lot of people towards using it.

Features of the 5G Network

As you are already aware of the fact that the 5G networks are much more advanced and high-quality wireless technology. As compared to the earlier networks it has several new interesting features that are leading to its popularity among the people. Let us look into some of the exciting features of fifth-generation wireless technology.

  • Fastest working technology- As we know 4G provides a good connection and also allows the streaming of around 1080p videos quite easily. However, the 5G provides a speed of more than 1000 times than that of 4G. Its high coverage allows you to stream almost 4K videos on your mobile phone almost instantly. It has a bandwidth of about 100GB per second.
  • Low Interference- You must have faced issues or interferences even while using the 4G or 3G networks because they make use of the same spectrum. However, the 5G networks are not at all crowded, therefore there are fewer interferences. It uses a frequency that cannot be tapped and this also enhances the speed without creating much noise or interference.
  • Minimized Latency- the 5G has a latency of around one millisecond which is quite less as compared to the 4G which has a latency of about 50 milliseconds. This lower latency helps in the easy transfer of files from one device to the other.
  • Greater Bandwidth- the wide bandwidth of 5G allows to connect of multiple devices to a single internet porter. Therefore there is no crowding of devices which prevents connectivity issues or any other signal-related problem.

The major drawback of the 5G technology is that not every device supports this technology. Therefore if your device does not support 5G you cannot enjoy the benefits. The integration of the 5G technology to the devices is expensive than the 4G integrations.

Is 5G harmful to humans and the environment?

So far we have discussed the various benefits of fifth-generation wireless technology. But like every coin has two sides, so does the 5G technology. It has both its negative as well as positive effects. Although the 5G network has not been adopted by everyone, however, there have been several allegations regarding it. The major cause of concern is the high-frequency waves produced by 5G.

The various research studies have put forward the harmful effect of these high-frequency waves on the delicate elements of the ecosystem. It might especially have an adverse effect on the ecosystem of the birds. This is because the small cells used in 5G can be placed anywhere even in the trees where the birds reside. The radiation produced by these cells can be extremely harmful to the survival of the birds. Even the beehives are highly affected by the radiation of the small cell. Ans exposure to such radiation for a long time can lead to the collapse of the hives and the bees.

Although the government websites and the wireless companies claim that there is no harmful effect of the 5G on the general public, and the almost contrary view has been presented by some researchers. According to various researched 5G can lead to certain biological issues. The main reason for these biological effects can be the long-term exposure to the non-ionizing electromagnetic field. According to the reports of the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, when the rice and mice were exposed to the 5G cellphone it damaged their DNA and also can cause an increased risk of cancer.

Harmful effects of 5G on health

Some of the doctors suggest that the 5G can lead to long-term effects on health such as blindness, skin cancer, hearing disability, infertility in males, and thyroid-related problems. In children, it can lead to autism, asthma and ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Other health hazards include diabetes, obesity, learning and memory disorders or even neurological damage. These disease or damages are not just limited to humans, it can also severely affect the animals.

How can the dangerous effects of the 5G be solved?

Advanced technology comes with several benefits however, these benefits can risk your health and the environment. Therefore, you must choose your health or the fastest network. One of the major steps that you can take to solve the problem is by avoiding the use of 5G devices. Limit your exposure to the electromagnetic field this will reduce the harmful effects on health. Favour the implementation of wired telecommunication as it is less dangerous. Make appeals to the government to prevent the implementation of 5G unless proper measures are taken and it is less harmful to the environment as well as the living beings.


Is it correct to be lured just by the short term pleasures such as high speed and error-free communication offered by the 5G when its effects can be disastrous? Even if one component of the ecosystem is affected, it gradually affects the entire ecosystem because everything is interlinked. Therefore, it is important to understand all the factors and then make a wise choice.

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