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 The Modern Ways In Which People Are Selling Their Homes

The Modern Ways In Which People Are Selling Their Homes

Selling your home doesn’t have to be the most stressful task you undertake this year. While many people will have you believe that it is one of the more difficult aspects of adult life, with some research and planning, you can make the entire process work for you and eliminate a lot of the stress.

To help get you started, here’s a quick guide on how people are selling their homes in 2021 and hopefully this can start your home selling process with a clear mind and get you on track to having the home of your dreams!

Market Yourself on the Home Market

Before even looking into how you will sell your home, it is worth quickly mentioning how to market it. This is one of the most important aspects of a modern home sale. Prospective buyers have dozens of tools available to them to help filter through the hundreds of available properties – and it’s all online!

Stand Out the Best You Can

This massively increased visibility for the market means that each individual needs to work harder to get their sale finalised. Even if you go through an agency, it is worth spending time sharing your sales page through local house buying groups and on social media.

Make sure you have plenty of pictures showcasing the entire property with a high quality camera and in a well-lit area. Filming a short house tour can also help buyers get a good idea of what they’re looking at and help persuade them to buy!

Realtor Agency

The most popular method to offload your property is to work with a Realty agency. For a cut of the sale value, they will take care of the entire process, from initial marketing to house viewings to finalising the sale and sorting out all your legal documentation for you.

This is the easiest method in that it reduces the stress and workload that you would normally have to deal with. Unfortunately, it is by no means the fastest way to get your family uprooted and closer to your Woodstock dream and unless you have a particularly special property, you may end up fighting with other properties from the same agency to get a sale.

But I Want to Move Now!

In this modern era, especially in the post-pandemic world, many people want to move house as soon as physically possible. No wonder, after 18 months of global uncertainty and staggered lockdowns. To this end, some of the faster sales methods are starting to pick up a lot of traction over the last few months.

Cash for Homes

Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to offload your current property is to sell it to one of the many companies which offer quick sales at lower prices. This is a brilliant compromise between time to sale and the money received for your property, as it can bring the sale time of your property down from 3-6 months to a couple weeks – most companies will offer you a quote in just a few days!

We’ll Take You As You Are

Another advantage here is that your home does not need to be in a sale-ready state. When selling through any real estate company, you will need to spend dozens of man-hours making sure that your property is fully up to scratch and presentable.

Not so if you want to just sell your house as is for cash in Georgia, as there are plenty of companies waiting to give you an offer and help you move as soon as possible. Just be sure to get an independent evaluation first to make sure you aren’t being had!

Conditional Auction

While auctioning may seem like a very old-school method of shifting anything you might own, it is actually an extremely useful and efficient way to find a buyer for your home for a great price, especially if you don’t have the time or money to have your home evaluated first.

Conditional auctions in particular also offer some more buyer protection, as the bid winner is expected to put down a reservation fee upon winning the bid, making it harder for them to back out of the sale before all the paperwork is finilised.

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