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 What Are the Effects of Technology on Human Interaction?

What Are the Effects of Technology on Human Interaction?

With the advent of modernization, technology has developed immensely! Who would have thought that with one click, we can get any item delivered to our doorstep? Or travel to any country? Technology is more than just advanced tools or gadgets to ease businesses and our daily lives. It also shapes the way people grow, behave, develop and evolve. Technology has developed throughout the ages- starting from simple tools like knives and hammers to complex tools like airplanes and computers! Technology has helped us to become fast-paced and has eased our lives to a great extent. But with all the advantages of technology, some disadvantages came along with it. So what are the effects of technology on human interaction? Read on to find out!

What is human interaction?

Any action that takes place between two humans can be defined as human interaction. Since humans are social beings, this social interaction is very important for humans. Various research studies have shown that social interaction is highly essential for developing strong community bonds and helps us grow both physical and emotional health.

How has technology changed the rules of human interaction?

Human interaction is widely recognized as face-to-face interaction. But with modernization, cultures, and societies have been intertwined via technology. This has been widely possible with the help of the internet and social media. However, it can be said that this generation has become greatly reliant upon technology. For example, although telephones have existed for decades, people have adopted new behavioral mechanisms through messaging applications. This has proved to be more convenient for the completion of various tasks. It can be said that this dependency has greatly reduced human interactions. For example, expatriates heavily rely on different translation software such as Google Translate instead of learning the native language. Though this is an easy way of communicating in a foreign land, this can often lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication between the two people conversing!

Effects of technology on human interaction:

The effects of technology on human interaction depend upon the perspective of an individual. However, it has both positive and negative impacts on human interaction.

Positive effects of technology:

  • Technology has bridged the global gap and has allowed people to learn about the world’s various attributes, which was previously impossible.
  • It has reduced our dependency on people for completing our tasks. For example, with just a click, people can now book hotels, flight tickets, and so much more without a travel agent’s involvement.
  • Technology has increased efficacy and efficiency in the banking sector. Our smartphones and computers have simplified the monetary transaction to a great extent. With the help of ATMs, cash can be withdrawn 24/7.
  • The Internet has provided a vast resource of extensive learning materials, e-books, research materials, and so on to help people in the educational field. Nearly every query can be solved in the web browser by writing appropriate keywords.
  • Many social media and dating apps have enabled people to contact their friends and dates from their homes without going out.

Most importantly, technology has made transportation, communication, and interaction with people faster than before! Vehicles like buses, cars, trains, and airplanes have made our commute more quickly. We cannot deny the fact that email is an incredible technological invention. Earlier, it took weeks and months for mails to come, but now emails can be sent and received within minutes! A lot of time is saved due to the technological advancement of the automobile industry, and the contribution of emails cannot be ignored!

Negative effects of technology:

  • Technology has affected our sleeping schedule to a great extent. Sometimes we are so indulged in chatting or watching TV series and movies, and we generally tend to stay awake way past our sleeping time. This results in feeling tired throughout the day.
  • It can be said that technology is a constant source of distraction! Who doesn’t love playing video games, hitting the big screens, or checking their smartphones for an update? But this hampers our concentration level to a great extent. This can also lead to a reduced span of attention.
  • Technology also plays a great role in deteriorating our environment. The toxic gases from the factories have led to a great deal of global warming. Technological advancement has also led to the creation of ecological imbalance and depletion of natural resources like coal, oil, etc.
  • Technology also impacts the minds of young children. Due to addictive mobile games, video games, etc., children insist on playing these virtual games instead of playing physical games. This not only hampers their physical health but also leaves a negative impact on their mind. Physical exercise plays a vital role in nurturing the minds of young ones.

The negative effect of technology on human interaction has decreased intimacy to a great extent. People often prefer to text their friends instead of meeting them physically. Nowadays, people are often spotted with their heads down and fully engrossed in their smartphones, oblivious to the people walking by them.

How is technology affecting human interactions?

  • Educational institutes: a gap has been created between students and teachers as they can be seen consulting the internet for solutions. The use of computers and smart classrooms has also become the new way of learning and completing assignments.
  • Couples: it is very common for couples to stay glued to the television and their mobile phones instead of spending time with each other.
  • Children and parents: children are more prone to be engaged with smartphones and tablets. Due to this, they lack in developing social skills.
  • Colleagues: technology has also affected the social relations in the workplace. Instead of getting to know their colleagues and interacting with them more often, people like to spend this time on their smartphones.

In a nutshell, although technology has helped to bridge the global gap, it has increased human-to-machine interactions instead of a human to human interactions! However, when used correctly, technology is surely indispensable!

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