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 Who Designed Done Deal Website?

Who Designed Done Deal Website?

Founded in May 2005 by husband and wife team Fred and Geraldine Karlsson, the site has been in operation since then. Ads on the site have been running for over 300,000 days.

Does It Cost To Advertise On Donedeal?

You can now place your ad in DoneDeal’s Clothes & Lifestyle, Baby & Kids, House & DIY, Sport & Leisure & Music & Education sections for free.

Does Donedeal Own Adverts?

Ireland’s most popular classified advertising websites will be combined under one ownership group. DoneDeal will be owned by this new company. ie, Daft. The use of advertisements and other media. Each of these websites will continue to operate independently despite the new structure.

Is It Free To Sell A Car On Donedeal?

Our online car valuation service is free if you’re unsure how much your car is worth.

Is It Free To Sell On Donedeal?

You can either pay for a longer listing or opt for the free option if your ad qualifies as a free ad. Creating an account is available here. If you are not logged in, you will need to enter your email address and password.

How Do I Pay For An Ad On Donedeal?

These ads can be purchased with credit or debit cards, and your bank account will be charged accordingly for these purchases. Those who have PayPal accounts can make PayPal payments. These ads can be paid for with PayPal, and your PayPal account will be charged accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise On Adverts?

You pay commission fees when you advertise your products. The charges are three, i.e., you will pay three dollars. When you opt in to automatic billing, you will receive 5% commission on the total sale price. The price of an item will be charged at *0 if it is sold for *10. 35 cents.

How Long Does An Ad Stay On Donedeal?

You can choose the length of time your ad stays on DoneDeal based on the type of ad you’ve chosen: Freebies – 1 month Regular ads – 2 months.

How Do You Put An Ad On Donedeal?

  • Place ads can be found at the top of DoneDeal’s page by clicking on the button.
  • You can place ads for sale or wanted by selecting the type.
  • You can upload photos or videos here.
  • Make sure your Ad Title is accurate – this is the headline of your ad.
  • Can I Put A Video On Donedeal?

    If you create a new ad, you can upload a video, or you can come back later and edit it. The DoneDeal app does not offer the option to upload videos. Please use the main website to do so.

    What Website Can I Sell My Car On For Free?

    Used car buyers are now able to sell their cars online for free through CopartDirect.com. You can sell your car online for free by simply visiting the website and entering a few simple details about the vehicle (model, make, year, etc.). You won’t have to worry about posting it online at all since you’ll only have to enter a few details.

    How Do You Mark A Car As Sold On Donedeal?

    From the toolbar at the top of the page, click “My DoneDeal.”. You can view your “My Ads” by following the link on your account dashboard once you’ve entered it. Your ads will be managed here. You can also remove your ad by clicking the “Remove” option, which will remove the ad from the site or mark it as sold.

    How Do I Contact In Donedeal?

    Please contact our Customer Support Team at [email protected] if you see a message to contact support for the number shown below. If you would like the number to be contacted as soon as possible, and if you would like to know what caused it, we will do our best.

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