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 Why a Well Designed Website is a Must Have For Any Successful Business

Why a Well Designed Website is a Must Have For Any Successful Business

Websites are a dime a dozen these days, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd, especially if you are a small local business trying to get your start. Your website is going to be the window into your business for a lot of people, let’s look at some key reason why you should have a well-designed website.

  • Are first impressions really that important?

First impressions are important anywhere in life. If you wanted to find a place to sit and eat, would you choose the go straight to the place on the left with grim coloring, broken flickering lights and dirty floors or would you choose the place on the left with the warm inviting colors, the low and relaxing lighting, and the pristine environment?

The first one might have the better food but you’re definitely going to first gravitate towards the mor inviting space no? It’s exactly the same when designing websites. It’s too easy to back right out of a website if it looks sketchy or uninviting so making sure the website is together and well designed is key to making a good impression.

Your website is the gateway for your brand, people are going to arrive on your site and then have an immediate first impression on not just the site but your entire business. If someone sees a cluttered and mismanaged website there are also going to see a cluttered and mismanaged business so make sure to keep that in mind when figuring out your design.

  • What is SEO and why is it important?

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is the way in which search engines like google decide how relevant a website is to a specific search term. SEO used to just take into account key words and links on your website to boost your chance at rising through the google rankings but nowadays it takes design into account.

If you have a poorly designed website that lacks in traffic and follow through you are going to drop in the search terms ranking and it will be much harder for potential customers to find you. Look into what keywords and design options the SEO favors for your type of website to optimize the chances of being found through google.

  • How important is design to accessibility?

The last thing you want is someone to get to your website and be unable to use it. An overly cluttered and poorly designed website can make it hard for many different types of people to access your business.

If there is too much going on, then one user might get overwhelmed easily will back out of the site before even seeing the name. If the text is too small, then someone who is visually impaired might struggle to read the key information you place there about your business.

All these seemingly small issues can be the make or break between you getting another customer. Who knew you could lose a month of revenue because of an incorrect font size?

  • What if I’m a bad designer?

Designing isn’t always easy, you have to have an eye for layout, color and theme. It’s a skill that can be learned with time but not everyone has the time. If that’s the case, you could hire someone else to come in and work with you to build a well-designed website for your needs.

Let’s say you are a small privately owned construction business in Canada, you could use this web design company in Surrey, Canada to ensure that you have a website that appeal in the right way to the right people.

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