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 Windows 10: 5 New Features to Try Right Now

Windows 10: 5 New Features to Try Right Now

There are very few predictable things in this life. Unfortunately, there are buggy updates on Windows. You’re going to see more stories of faulty drivers, fritz features, as well as the blue screen of death after every big update.

These updates carry important security fixes too, so it’s not your smartest decision to miss them entirely. Updates also can accelerate stuff. To speed up the machine, click or tap here just for smart, quick ways.

I love to share ways that you can get something out of your technology while talking about smart ideas. Wouldn’t miss these ten tips mostly on iPhone you’re going to need every time you use an iPhone.

Since the big Fall Windows update has been created, now is the responsibility to start the better new features for just a test drive.

First, Update Your Windows

Is your device updated with the Windows 10 October update? This is a fast and easy way to verify. Type the winver+R throughout the box in the pop-up—the newest release of Build 10.0.19042.844, which was released recently.

If you’ve not already updated Windows 10, select Update & Security and then tap on Windows Update to navigate Settings. From this, you can see if you really can download the latest additions. If not, press on the Updates searches to force the operation.

You are now prepared to use these new features.

Customize the Start menu

The ability to customize an accent color for Windows 10 is really nothing new, but it adds a new twist to just the update. You can now move to default Windows mode between Light and Dark and default application mode.

The Windows default mode updates the taskbar color and starts the menu. The default application mode switches the windows and folders color.

Switch from light mode to dark:

  • Choose Start throughout the lower left-hand corner.
  • Click on Configuration (gear icon)
  • Select Colors in the left-hand menu and then click Colors.
  • You can pick either Light or Dark or a combination of two colors by selecting your color.

Across all your windows & shades, you can select an accent color from there.

Tip: Access your mouse even more quickly. Right-click and pick Personalize on your screen. Follow the final move above, click on Colors.

Check All the Open Tabs and Windows  

If several windows are open, shortcuts & apps will encumber the taskbar. It’s so much quicker to see whether windows are opened without the taskbar search.

This trick is a favorite, but Alt+Tab now displays you all your browser tabs opened. To try the alt key, click the tab key and keep it down. A preview of what’s available will be shown by Windows.

You could either press Tab or use the mouse cursor to pick a window when keeping Alt down. Press on the X at the upper right corner of its preview to close the window.

Switch To the Tablet Mode in Surface Book and Surface Pro

You could magically turn your Surface Pro or Surface Book from a PC to something like a tablet in a few clicks. This setting is perfect if you want a computer that’s easier to use and more touch-friendly. Also, it improves the functioning of tablets using Windows software.

It is effortless to turn from tablet to pc mode:

  • Choose the Task Bar Action Centre. In some far right corner, in front of the clock, there is the speech bubble-like picture.
  • There are many choices below the alerts, including Flight mode, Wi-Fi, & Screen Snip.
  • Search for a mode named as tablet. Tap to change it.
  • Simply follow the following procedure to return to PC mode.

Change the Refresh Rate of the Display 

Your monitor’s refresh rate deals with how smooth movement is now on the monitor. This is particularly relevant when playing video games that are graphically intense, but you will find that when dragging out open windows.

Monitors support the manufacturer’s and model defined different refresh rates. A 60Hz monitor will usually view pictures in 60 frames per second.

Check whether your graphics lag from its full rate of refreshment:

  • On the bottom left side corner, click on Start and choose Settings (gear icon).
  • Press System, followed by Display. This can be opened or chosen automatically from its left menu.
  • Download Advanced Display settings from the second-to-last option.
  • If you are using dual displays, pick the display you want to adjust from the drop-down.
  • You can view a few refresh rate options provided by the display in the Refresh rate drop-down menu.
  • Just hit and close the window mostly at the appropriate refresh rate.

Pin Tabs in the Taskbar

The new update helps you even to pine website tabs, including the pinning of the calculator, the sniper, or your favorite program throughout the taskbar. Without starting your browser, this provides quick and instant access to your websites most visited.

Tabs to pin:

  • Open Microsoft Edge, and navigate to your desired website.
  • Press Settings in the upper right corner (three dots).
  • Surf over more tools.
  • Press Pin on the taskbar and select the title to display while floating on the pin.

You could follow the given steps as a bonus, but pick Launch TaskBar Pinning Wizard rather than pressing Pin to TaskBar. Edge will need to examine your surfing habits for just a couple of seconds but will give you some recommendations for websites. 

So these were some of the great Windows 10 updates that you must definitely enable in your system to enjoy these great features. These features are very user-friendly and will surely be very useful to you. You can easily enable these features following the above mentioned steps that are very useful to follow. So enable these features and enjoy the significant updates of Windows 10.

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