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How Australia is Fighting Back Against Cyber Crime

How Australia is Fighting Back Against Cyber Crime

Right now, we are living in what we can refer to as the digital age. Almost everything is online now, which has added significant convenience to the way we do our everyday tasks. We no longer need to head out on rainy days to pick up items we need, and we can instead order items online and save ourselves a lot of time.

The way in which we communicate with people has also completely changed. In the past, we were limited to talk to people that we already knew or those that could be contacted via letter. This has completely changed, and we can now speak to people all over the world, which means the human race is closer than it has ever been.

Though the internet has allowed us to live a much more convenient life, it is important to remember that due to the nature of humans, not even something as positive as the internet could have stayed positive forever. For criminals all around the world, the more accessible internet has simply offered another place in which they can carry out crimes, with a much lower chance of being caught.

Even though the internet exposes us to a lot of amazing things, it also exposes us to something known as cybercrime. Cybercrime is categorised as crimes that occur via the internet and there are many ways in which these crimes can present themselves. Usually, cybercrimes are carried out with the intention of receiving monetary gain and it has been affecting people all around the world. Most people have accepted that cybercrimes are just another part of using the internet and are something you simply must avoid, but Australia is not ready to sit back and watch its citizens be harmed by cybercriminals anymore. Here are just some of the ways that Australia is fighting back against cybercrime.

Harsher Laws

One of the best ways that Australia is combatting cybercrime is by making the punishment for those found committing cybercrimes much harsher. In the past, there were very few consequences for people who were discovered committing cybercrimes. For this reason, people were not deterred from committing the crimes and continued to keep doing it, even after being caught out.

Australia has now put in place harsher laws that mean that people can now receive prison sentences if they are found committing cybercrimes. Even the pettier cybercrimes, such as data phishing can now receive serious sentences, along with harsh fines that many people may not be able to afford.

A Change in Legal Training

A lot of older legal training did not include how to deal with people that commit cybercrimes, which meant that a lot of people working to prosecute these cybercriminals did not have the knowledge that they needed to ensure that these criminals received the right sentencing for their crimes.

Now within Australia, those that are being trained in law now receive extensive training on cybercrimes. Those that received training before the introduction of cybercrime education are also being encouraged to broaden their knowledge. Law firms all over Australia are offering additional training to their lawyers and a great example of a firm that is encouraging this training is Andrews legal. Andrews legal are a criminal law firm in Peth that specialises in criminal law and they are expanding their knowledge to be able to deal with the ever-increasing problem of cybercrime. Australia encourages other law firms to do the same and by the end of 2022, they hope that more firms are specialised in cybercrimes.

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